Collie uses  > >  ridernet data base in line with Motorcycling Australia and the state bodies for our membership. This should make things easier for all.

If you have an Motorcycle Australian licence of some form, be it competitive, rec or your officials licence then you will have access to the RiderNet system

Any new membership application is conditional upon a majority acceptance by members present at the next general meeting of the club. Receipt of a membership card will be final proof of membership acceptance. Fiona Shepherd is our Membership Officer.

Membership fees are:
Senior $100
Family $100

Membership is only available online (credit card only). To join the club or renew your membership follow link.

2022 Memberships

Busy bees are held the week ,weekend or day before an event. Your help with these days would be very much appreciated. Lunch and drinks are supplied to those that help out..

Contact  the club to find out more details

By joining the Club you are agreeing to abide by the Club’s rules.