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Our Approach

Community & member vision, fellowship of others and an involvement in actively supporting sporting health.

Our Story

With the above approach and a small group of volunteers, we strive to drive forward to maintain and grow Collie Motorcycle Club  into the future following on from many founding contributors.

Meet the Team

2023   President

Mackenzie Shepherd 0428 123 808

                                   A rider and member for 20 plus years, Mackenzie follows in his family footsteps supporting CMCC.

2023   Vice President

  Mitchell Corry 0448 801 512

A rider for many years and a track maintainer, Mitchell brings club support to the CMCC

2023    Secretary

Amy Rose Hayhurst 0459 555 465 

                            Amy Rose joins us with being involved in motocross for 8 plus years. Amy Rose is also our Bar Manager Certificate holder.

2023   Treasurer

Steven Melvin 0447 107 951

Steven has been racing since he was 12 which included desert racing, motocross of all era’s/models.

Faithful to the cause.


Prue Corry & Alison Melvin

       Committee Members  

    Charles Witehira

     Jake Witehira

    Ben Melvin

 Jarrod Sheppard


Lenny Huff


Organised motor cycling activities have existed in Collie since the early 1920s when the first Collie Motorcycle Club was formed. This was a gathering of enthusiasts which lasted in various forms through to the advent of the war.

The immediate post war years saw an increase in the popularity of the motorcycle as a means of transport due to fuel shortage, the economy and the availability of ex-army surplus machines, so it naturally followed that the Motorcycle Club was reformed and in 1947 it was decided by the members to affiliate with the Western Australian Motor Cycling Association. It may be said that this decision was the real start of the Collie Motorcycle Club. Amongst those who attended this inaugural meeting were Peter Cochrane, Alan Smith, “Buck” Loxton, Stan English and Phil Murray.

Easter 1948 saw the promotion of the Club’s first open event, a road race meeting at which the main event was won by Peter Cochrane. This was followed by another meeting in November of the same year, but then due to difficulties in obtaining a suitable circuit no more road races were held until 1955, when the first Collie Grand Prix meeting was held. This race was conducted for a number of years and was regarded as Western Australia’s blue ribbon road racing event.

During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Club and Inter-Club runs were held at various venues including road race meetings at Hillman Airstrip, flying and standing 1/4 mile events on the Mungallup Road, scramble and gymkhana events at Collie Burn, Darkan and Duranillin.Trips away include Harvey, Moorelands, Bunbury and Manjimup. Members prominent in the Club at this time included “Pica” Davies, Peter Musgrove, Percy Cull, Bill Gale, Geoff and Brian Bebbington, Don Hearndon, Tom Pike, Colin Mathers, John and Ron Laurie, “Tiger” Akers, Don Millen, Frank Maletesta, Geoff Elias, Don Davidson, Don Pascall and many more.

As well as Club events, Collie Motorcycle Club members were prominent in open road races events and names like Ken Dolison, George Saunders, Roy Butcher, Bill McDermott, Merv Holst, Phil Murray, “Gus” Vernon, Barry Thompson, and Les Miller were featured in winning lists through the state.

1965 saw the first open scramble event promoted by the Club on the “Westralia” circuit, and the Collie Grand National was conducted for a number of years. In 1968 the “Westralia” was the venue of the Australian Scramble Championship. The “Westralia” was regarded by Australian and international riders as the best motor cross circuit in Australia.

Charity work was a feature of the Clubs activities, and a good proportion of the Clubs gross profits would go to worthy organisations that approached the Club for assistance.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s the Club runs reduced due to a decline in membership caused by the economic state of the district. Members were still active in open events and social activities run in conjunction with club life.

Members in the early 1970s included Peter Thompson, Mike and Bill Pike, Colin Rees, Phil Murray, Tom Perry and Gus Vernon as competitors and Don and Maurice Waywood, Helen Perry, Terry Partridge and Keith Robinson in administrative roles.

State Representatives 
Barry Thompson       Australian T.T. 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963
Phil Murray                 Australian T.T. 1965
Bill McDermott           Australian T.T. 1962
Tom Perry                  Australian T.T. 1970
Bill McDermott          Australian Scramble Championship 1968
Bill McDermott          Australian Short Circuit Championship 1970
Tom Perry                 Australian 125cc Road Race Champion 1970

This was the first Yamaha Title won in Australia, as we head into 2018 next year, this will bring us 49 years since our last Australian Titles being held in Collie. We look forward to working with the Quad Club of WA on this great event for Collie.

I have also been volunteering at the Collie Museum & Research Centre having discovered many archived club information. I have posted some photos and programs on our Facebook page in an Album titled “Back in the Day”. It is an ongoing process of data, but I guarantee the history is preserved. Contact Collie Museum or Alison Melvin for more information. Thank you.


A.A.J Cochrane –  G.L.Vernon – M.Waywood – C.Ransome – B.Thompson – J.Ransome – L.Huff – K.Mavric (Thompson) –

M.(Shane) Thompson – H.Thomas – W(Bill) McDermott – V.Bernardi – S.Melvin – J.Shepherd – A.Hunter – A.Melvin –

D Tanian – F.Shepherd – P Corry – M Williams