Photos of Round 1 are via Mark Heelerphotography or Facebook .


Rider must be a member of one of the participating clubs to enter  the SOUTH WEST INTERCLUB SERIES VENUES AND DATES
The South West Interclub Series will be conducted over 5 rounds at venues nominated by the hosting clubs. The venues unless otherwise advised will be the home venue of the hosting club.
The 2019 venues and dates are as follows:

Round Club Dates

1 Collie 31st  March

2 Bunbury 14th April

3 Cranbrook 23rd June

4 Manjimup 4th August

5 Southern Capes, Saturday 24th August

The final event will be followed by presentations of round and series awards at Southern Capes, Jindong Venue Busselton.


PERMIT NO:                                                                                                                                                        




These supplementary regulations are important documents, which affect your legal rights and obligations. Read

these documents carefully and do not agree to the conditions of entry for this competition unless you are completely satisfied that you understand the contents and agree to be bound by them.


The Bunbury Motorcycle Club, Collie Motorcycle Club, Cranbrook Motorcycle Club, Manjimup Motorcycle Club and Southern Capes Motorcycle Club, herewith known as the PROMOTER, will conduct the SOUTH WEST INTERCLUB SERIES meetings in accordance with the GENERAL COMPETITION RULES OF MOTORCYCLING AUSTRALIA (GCR’s), these supplementary regulations & any additions or amendments approved by Motorcycling Western Australia.


The above mentioned meeting has been authorized by Motorcycling Western Australia which will issue the Motorcycling Australia lnterclub Permit and is open to all Junior and Senior Competition license holders from the following clubs affiliated with Motorcycling Western Australia.

Bunbury Motorcycle Club, Collie Motorcycle Club, Cranbrook Motorcycle Club, Manjimup Motorcycle Club and the Southern Capes

Motorcycle Club.

Motorcycling Australia lnterclub Permit is open to a minimum standard of a One Event Meeting License Holder.


Officials are appointed with the approval of Motorcycling Western Australia. Control will be under the Clerk of Course with the supervision from the Steward/s of the meeting who reserve the right to alter, postpone or cancel all or part of the event program if required, without notice.

The Steward, Chief Machine Examiner, Adjudicator, OC of flags and Sound Control Officer will be appointed for the series.

The Clerk of Course, Race Secretary and any assistants will be appointed by the nominating club with the approval of Motorcycling

Western Australia

Series Officials are as follows:

Steward: Collie Rd 1 ,Dale James

Clerk of Course : Collie Rd 1 ,Jarrod Shepherd

Race Secretary: Collie Rd 1 ,Amy Rose Hayhurst and Steven Melvin

Chief Machine Examiner

Adjudicator OC Flags

Sound Tester

Nominated by hosting club (Greg Banfield to assist)

Nominated by hosting club (Greg Banfield to assist)

Nominated by hosting club (Kaylene Roberts to assist)


50cc Demo

50cc Auto

Non Competitive

4 – u9 yrs

7 – u9 yrs

9 – u12 yrs

85cc 2 str/150 4 str standard

85cc 2 str/150 4 str standard/big wheel

125cc 2 Stroke

150cc 2 str – 250cc 4 stroke

9 – u12yrs

12 – u16 yrs

13- u16 yrs

13 – u16 yrs


MX1 (Open)                           (251cc 2 stroke I 250cc 4 stroke)

MX2 (Lites)                         (125cc 2 stroke to 250cc 2 stroke I 250cc 4 stroke)

Clubman Lites

Clubman Open



Masters (over 45’s)

To be considered a series championship class, a minimum of 10 bikes are required to constitute a class at the commencement of the series.

250cc 2 stroke machines will only be accepted in the Lites as per current GCRs.

Competitors may advance their grading or change class through the meeting or series, but points will not be carried over.

Lites and Open class is open to all Pro and Intermediate graded competitors.


The maximum number of entries that will be accepted per class is 40 riders.

Entries are taken on an “as received basis” up to the maximum per class. Any entrants in excess of the maximum may be held as reserves for that class.

Subject to entries received, classes may be combined at the discretion of the Steward of the meeting. In such cases, classes will be scored separately.

South West riders will have first preference to ride should there be full grids.


Entry is only accepted on the day of the meeting.

You must register with the OC of Flags to receive an entry form for the event. Entry forms are not available from any other person or means. It is a condition of entry to the meeting that you will provide a flag marshal. The Flag roster conditions are defined in the supplementary regulations

Entries must be submitted on the official entry form and will only be accepted up until 7.45am on the day of competition. Entries will not be

accepted after that time.


Entry:   Junior competitors

$30.00 per rider

$5.00 Extra class.

2ndJunior family member $15

3rd Junior family member $10

Senior Competitors

$40.00 per rider

$15.00 Extra Class

$30.00 per One Event recreational license for non-competitive riders (Demo class)

$75.00 per One Event Competition License.

Juniors must present a log book with the appropriate competencies signoff completed.

Cancellation by entrant: As entries are completed on the day of competition NO REFUND will be provided.

NO REFUND will be provided should an entrant withdraw from the meeting once entered, regardless of reason.


All riders will be required to register on the day of competition and receive entry acknowledgement by way of a ticket or pass.

The entry acknowledgement will be required to enter machine examination. Entry to the event is conditional on the satisfactory provision of a flag marshal.

At registration, all competitors must present themselves with their Parent or Guardian and MA Log Book (as required), along with MA

License and proof of current club membership.

It is mandatory that riders under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian to accompany them. Those riders at the event with a guardian

will need a completed Deed of temporary guardianship form. Available to download from >Riders,

>Licensing, >Deed of Temporary Guardianship.


The South West lnterclub Series will be conducted over 5 rounds at venues nominated by the hosting clubs. The venues unless






31st March 2019

2 Bunbury 14th April 2019
3 Cranbrook 23rd June 2019
4 Manjimup 4th August 2019
5 Southern Capes 24th August 2019 (Saturday)


otherwise advised will be the home venue of the hosting club. The Venues and dates are as follows

The final event will be followed by presentations of round and series awards.


Machine examination will commence from 0630 and conclude at 800am on the day of competition.

Your machine will have some form of identifier placed on it to provide evidence of Machine Examination.

All competitors must present themselves, with their Machine, Riding attire, Boots, Body Armor (Juniors) and Helmet for inspection. Helmet fitment tests may be carried out.


Extra machine will be allowed but the machine must go through machine examination in the time specified.


Transponders will not be used at any series meeting.


The promoters reserve the right to postpone, cancel or change the program if necessary with permission from the Steward on the

day of the meeting.

Control will be under the Clerk of Course with supervision from the Steward whose interpretation shall be binding and is FINAL.


A riders meeting will be held 8.15am. AII riders must attend.


Practice will commence at 8.30am on the day for all capacity classes. Minimum 3 laps time permitting.

Senior practice will be in two groups. All lites machines in in group 1 and all open machines in group 2, irrespective of grade or class.


Self-penalising drop gates. Clutch start.

15 second board displayed to all riders for full 15 seconds

At the end of 15 sec a 5-sec board will be displayed.

The gate will drop between 5 and 10 seconds after the 5-sec board is shown.

Gate positions will be selected on an as presented basis unless the Clerk of Course determines otherwise. In which case gate positions will be drawn by ballot.

No rider assistance will be allowed once the last lapboard is displayed. Riders only allowed in front of gates.


A one-lap board will be displayed to the riders indicating when one lap remains. A black and white checked flag is displayed to signal the race is finished.


The race format will be announced on the day of competition and will be dependent on entries received. Classes may be combined (but scored separately) at the promoters discretion. Consideration will be given to riders competing in multiple classes were possible.


Every rider is required to provide for flag duty at each event. This is not negotiable!

Your entry to the event is conditional on the satisfactory provision of a flag Marshal and fulfillment of that duty, either by the competitor or a proxy. The person performing the flag duty must sign onto the flag roster.

Families with more than 2 junior riders will have their flag duty capped. Allowance will be made for riders competing in more than 1 class.

Flag duty on a specific point may be shared between riders. No more than 2 riders shall share a flag point. The duty will be for whole day. There will be no payment systems used as a substitution for the provision of a flag official at any event.

Key officials are exempt from flags – Steward/s, Clerk of Course/s, Race Secretary, Timing team x 4, OC Flags, Series coordinator, Adjudicator, Series Scrutineers & Sound control officer.

This exemption is for the key officials riders only and is not transferable to other riders. Key officials do not accrue credits but will be excused from the flag roster.

Failure to provide a flag marshal when requested or failure to satisfactorily fulfill the assigned flag duty on the day will result in exclusion from the event.

The OC of Flag’s decision is final and will be supported by the Clerk of Course and Steward.



All protests shall be in writing and accompanied by a fee of $70.00

A protest may only be made by a competitor.

For junior competitors, the competitor must indicate the protest to an official prior to returning to the pits.

The Clerk of Course will designate an area, to be announced at the riders briefing and to be marked by a purple flag, where an official must be present to note any indications of protest.


In all competitive classes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be recognized at each event.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd places shall be recognized in each class for the series.

Place getters of each class in the series will be permitted to run the placing position number on their machine for the following year’s series.

Junior and Senior Champion Awards shall be recognized for highest points score in the Junior and Senior capacities respectively. Places will be determined on the competitor’s accumulated points of every race contested.

Where any number of competitors ties for placing or Championship points, placing will be determined in accordance with the GCR’s

Scoring will be in accordance with the GCR’s.

50cc Demo riders will be presented with Participation Awards all of equal value.

A rider must complete 75% of all rounds to be eligible for end of season points.


Sound testing will take place at the event. Sound testing will be in accordance with GCR 15.19 Testing may be conducted pre-or post-



Ambulance personnel will be in attendance at each meeting from the commencement of practice until the conclusion of the last event.

It is a condition of entry that First Aid MUST be accepted wherever deemed necessary by the attending first aides. The Clerk of

Course of the day has the right to refuse further racing of a rider if first aid requirements are not adhered to.


Riders transported to hospital must obtain a medical clearance stating they are fit for Motorcycle activity which is to be forwarded to Motorcycling Western Australia and retain a copy to be produced as required at subsequent events.


All riders are reminded that ambulance cover is compulsory as a condition of your license. Cover must be maintained for the duration of your license.

NO HASSLE POLICY (member protection policy)

Any rider or entrant or person associated with the rider or entrant shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. A rider shall be

responsible for his own conduct and that of any person with whom he is associated. Anyone who abuses or threatens personally or physically any official or any other person present at the event shall lie deemed to be in Breach of this rule.

The Clerk of Course shall deal with all member protection issues in the first instance.


10.1.       No alcoholic beverages allowed in pits or racing circuit.

10.2.   There will be no riding of bikes other than on the track.

10.3.     Machines must be pushed to and from vehicles and in and out of the pits. Engine may be running to assist.

10.4.     Dogs will not be permitted (except guide dogs).

10.5.       Enclosed footwear must be worn in the pits at all times.

10.6.       NO quads, scooters or pit bikes permitted anywhere within the premises.


It is a condition of entry that consent is given by the entrant/rider and/or parent/guardian for all photographs and electronic images (including moving images) that may be taken during the event by or on behalf of the Promoter, or with permission of the Promoter. All such images are the property of the Promoter and will only be used in accordance with the Motorcycling Australia Member Protection Policy and for the purposes of promotional or other purposes without further consent being required.


The following time schedule is indicative and may be altered at specific venues dependent on local regulatory requirements.





6:30am to 7:45am

6:30am to 8:00am





Presentation of awards for participation and place getters shall be conducted approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last event